SpongeBob SquareTrump

Meet SpongeBob SquarePants long lost brother. I kid you not. In the most recent episode, SpongeBob SquareTrump held a rally where he accused other people of inciting violence. Now that’s hilarious coming from a man who pays porn actresses to have unprotected sex with him, then pays millions in hush money to keep his tiny little mushroom secret a secret.

If anything Trump did us a favor. He exposed how deviant sexual behavior, misogyny, and inciting violence is the new normal in Conservatism. I ain’t mad at SpongeBob SquareTrump, he did me a favor. He makes me laugh like all those World Leaders did at the UN. But, they were given the opportunity to laugh at SpongeBob SquareTrump to his face. SpongeBob SquareTrump is a joke.

OK, may I remind you that Liberals are Advance Thinkers? C’mon, is it wrong that I’m smiling?


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