The One Who Received Millions Of Dollars

That’s me bitch! Yeah, and I’m still the snob that would’ve felt bitterness if you had received millions of dollars. No shame in my game!

Conservatives are the most Regressive Thinkers when it comes to manipulating the media to the degree, they look ridiculous and sound like a con man impersonating a comedian impersonating a con man. I ain’t mad at cha!

Conservatives are only human after all. The punch line was just revealed. 😉

C’mon, you have to admit that for eight years during President Obama’s tenure as POTUS, FOXNEWS assimulating ‘Fake News’ about President Obama to the degree that bitter Liberals believed it. Why were they bitter? Because they felt unworthy. Hello, it took me three years, but in 2011 I was given the opportunity to become aligned with just one of President Obama’s greatness, i.e., Infinite Patience. I rest my case!

Liberals are Advance Thinkers. No need to apology. Be proud, Liberals are light years ahead. We’re awesome.