Liberals Are The First, Second, And Third Political Wonders Of The 21st Century

Liberals, trust me, I don’t have a problem with us holding our heads up high. Liberals are light years ahead of every other political party in America. Our success rate is astronomical and the best part, we’ve seen Trump’s political comedy movie before. Don’t you remember Bush Jr. and Cheney? I rest my case. 😉

Liberals are Advance Thinkers. We don’t have any competition in America. Liberalism has its benefits too. You need to decide if Universal Healthcare, Livable wages, and Affordable Housing are a few of your favorite laws. OK, we have challenges, i.e., Conservatism aka Republican. Republicans are Regressive Thinkers. If someone told you that electing Progressive Democrats would be easy, they lied. However, it’s my commitment to cultivating the Liberal Garden of Progressive Ideas, by keeping the weeds out and planting/cultivating more seeds of success. Oh, my bad, the best season for sowing the seeds of success is in the season of failure. Just sayin’!

Some Liberals are in emotional pain and fearful about Trump’s reign of terror. It’s the same emotional pain I’d felt during Bush Jr and Cheney’s reign of terror. It’s real and you deserve the opportunity to let go of that pain. I was given the opportunity to release the pain/fears and replace it with feelings of being optimistic about our future. Then, Americans elected President Obama and a lot of people around the world were sharing their feelings of excitement. We instinctively knew that President Obama would raise the POTUS up so high that even a con man like Trump can’t tarnish it. It’s time for every Liberal to feel ecstatic knowing how awesome we really are.

Auditions for more Cheerleaders to be held every day. 😉


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