Don’t Blame Trump Because He Misunderstood Ivanka

During their most recent intimate moment, Ivanka seductively asked, “Daddy, you in?” Trump thought Ivanka said, “Daddy, UN.” Trump misunderstood Ivanka and thought she wanted to replace Nikki Haley and the rest is history.

OK, I’m feeling kinda excited this morning. Can you blame me?

May I remind you that Liberals are Advanced Thinkers. Say what you want about Liberals, but our Democratic Presidents keep raising the bar of the Presidency. Listen, President Obama raised the bar of the Presidency so high to the degree that I’m looking forward to our next Democratic President.

Regressive Thinkers are welcome to join our community of Advanced Thinkers. Oh, and the best part, at one point I was a Regressive Thinkers, so who am I to judge? I ain’t mad at Regressive Thinkers, they’re only entertainment.

I really did try to tell Y’all back in 2011, that for some unknown reason I’d started living in the moment. Coincidently, this was during President Obama’s Presidency. In real time, I’d felt excited because I saw my opportunity to be aligned with President Obama’s Infinite Patience. I’d felt so much excitement that I began posting a daily ‘Tweet’ acknowledging this opportunity.

But, and here’s the best part, President Obama didn’t strive to be perfect, but he was given that responsibility by others. He knew that striving to be perfect was a waste of time. Hello, striving for perfection meant making no mistakes and, well, you get the picture. President Obama wasn’t afraid to take responsibility for his mistakes. C’mon, that behavior is one of the most admired by people aligned with their own self-confidence. The icing on the cake was that President Obama’s greatness vibrated across the oceans and beyond. Knowing that and feeling that, don’t you feel excited?