We’re Exhausted

C’mon, Nixon, Reagan, Bush Jr and Cheney, and now Trump! We’re exhausted, it’s hard getting up in the morning. Hello, join the Stamina club. You are not alone, I know because I’m the CEO. Let me remind you that Liberals are aligned with stamina on steroids. In Trump’s case, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff because Trump is synonymous with small stuff.’ 🙂

Say what you want about former Democratic Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama, but they were/are aligned with stamina and set the Presidency bar higher.

Say what you want about Liberalism, but Liberals are Advance Thinkers. We feel our oneness with everyone. Be proud, because we elect brilliant Presidents, not perfect, just aligned with stamina, toughness, tenacity, and staying power on steroids. When it comes to the POTUS, Liberals are light years ahead. So, Liberals, see yourself in charge of your destiny.

Relax, take a deep breath, exhale, and know that ‘Everything will be alright.’ Don’t ask me when and don’t ask me how. It’s up to the Universe. What are you releasing into the Universe?