No Pain No Gain

Many of us overlooked the silver lining in this political story. Just be thankful that you’re not a Republican. Oh, don’t get it twisted, who am I to judge. What I meant was history had proven that Liberals create the most brilliant Presidency and we’re only getting better at it. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama raised the level of the Presidency to our highest level of imagination. Listen, before that ever happened, we were in pain, i.e., Bush Jr and Cheney.

Today, some of us are in pain, we’re hurting, and we’re angry. Well, join the club! I ain’t no saint, but without pain, there is no gain. How did you feel the night President Obama won the 2008 Presidential election? You probably felt the same way I’d felt, i.e., ecstatic, euphoria on steroids. Let’s do it again.

Listen, Republicans have a 6000-year-old grudge against women and trust me, one election cycle is one leap closer towards reaching the mountaintop of Equality. As daunting as that sounds, it’s more daunting in real life. In 2018, Republicans strongly believe it’s OK for their mistresses to have access to the best abortion doctors, but they also believe in restricting millions of other women’s access to the best abortion doctors under some guise of being Pro-Life. Republicans made a mockery out of the Pro-Life moment, but it doesn’t matter, because being in the Pro-Life business is profitable financially and politically. Now, do you realize that women’s equality is a marathon, not a sprint?

There’s an old saying, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ Get over your superiority, let go of your anger, and feel back in control. In other words, ‘snap out of it.’ No pain no gain, I get it, so, acknowledge your pain, release it, and go create some gain. C’mon, President Obama raised the level of being POTUS to its highest levels in our imagination, we felt ecstatic then, we fell ecstatic today. Let me repeat that because it felt euphoric, we felt ecstatic then, we fell ecstatic today. Liberals, it’s time we started planning a party. Another ‘Divorced Your Anger’ party. You remembered how we felt? We felt ecstatic, yeah dat way!