Hey Liberals, We Should Really Be Thankful

Let me remind Liberals how awesome we really are. In the year 2000, Bush Jr and Cheney stole the Presidential election. Oh yeah, they had plenty of help. Anyway, in eight short years, Bush Jr and Cheney built the foundation of White Privilege in the 21st Century. Today, I ain’t mad at them, but I’ll admit there were times during those eight years of Bush Jr and Cheney when I’d find myself very upset. It was awful. Then we elected President Obama and for eight years I was ecstatic. President Obama built the foundation for Democracy in the 21st Century. He was not alone, he had plenty of help. Now you know where I’m going with this, OK, I’ll tell you. “What goes around comes around.” Hello Liberals, it’s our turn again.

If you want more Democracy, then join me in feeling gratitude for not being a Republican.

Listen, you and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that White Privilege is synonymous with Conservatism. We’ve seen this movie before. In the end, Liberals created Harmony. Harmony will always mute fear.

In harmony, Liberals are singing, “Everything will be alright.”