Conservatives Apologized To Bill Clinton

Don’t be fooled, the sexual predators i.e. Trump and his cabal’s newest scam, i.e. #HIMTOO is really an apology to Bill Clinton. They embraced Bill Clinton and hold him in high esteem. They’re mad at themselves for believing Tripp, Broaddrick, Willey, and Jones. Sexual Predators like Trump now believe that Tripp, Broaddrick, Willey, and Jones, were just lying about Bill Clinton.

Every woman lies according to a bunch of sexual predators. If Republicans want me to believe that Christina Ford is lying, then they should publicly scorn Tripp, Broaddrick, Willey, and Jones, and say they were lying about Bill Clinton. Otherwise, the mute button is on!

C’mon, we can easily see how Trump, his cabal and the GOPers are the epitomai of the ‘Good Ole Boys Club.’ Meaning a bunch of sexual perverts who feel an entitlement to perpetrate sexual crimes against children, women, and men, without reprimand. Let’s reprimand Trump and those ‘Good Ole Boys’ because they’re nothing more than a laughingstock.

Who will ever forget how a room full of people just recently laughed at Trump to his face. You know Trump’s fragile ego shattered into tiny pieces. Fuck anything Trump says or does, let’s talk about this:

Humpty, Trumpty’s ego sat on a wall

Humpty, Trumpty’s ego had a great fall

All the FOXNEWS porn actors and all the Congressional Republican PIMPs

Couldn’t put Trumpty’s ego back together again. ©




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