Conservatives Believe That Bill Clinton Was A Victim

Yeah, you heard me, Conservatives have crossed the line. They’re thinking like a Liberal. I personally want to welcome Conservatives into our Liberal world. I really do believe that Conservatives will come to love our Liberal way of thinking. Anyway, I just want to say, Live Your Best Life.

Liberals are aligned with Infinite Patience and you don’t have to look no further than President Obama. I rest my case.

If watching this train wreck called, ‘Mr. Mushroom Goes To Washington’ is your thing, I ain’t mad at cha. Mr. Mushroom is as corrupt as McConnell. For example, Mr. Mushroom got laughed at to his face by a room full of people and McConnell received a reality meal at a prestigious restaurant. But, in order for Mr. Mushroom and McConnel to save face, they’re trying to thrust another sexual predator onto the Supreme Court because sexual predators are gods to Conservatives, but loathed by the majority of Americans. All eyes on Kavanaugh. From white power hand signals to waving the white flag of defeat. Just another raunchy episode of ‘Mr. Mushroom Goes To Washington.’ 

Stay tuned for the next episode, ‘Conservatives Attend The White Flag Of Defeat Convention.’ They won’t be happy.


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