Using Racism As A Weapon

Congratulations FOXNEWS owners for being the winners. Although FOXNEWS is really a brothel masquerading as a cable news channel, it still won the trophy for being the best at using racism as a weapon. I know, the competition was steep especially after Trump became the Birther King back in 2011. For a while, Trump was leading FOXNEWS in using racism as a weapon. Back then the Birther King was being followed around by our corporate news media apparatus as if he was the President. I guess you could call that a dress rehearsal?

Between FOXNEWS, Trump, congressional Republicans, and Trump’s supporters, it wasn’t easy for me to give FOXNEWS the trophy for being the best at using racism as a weapon. Congratulation FOXNEWS. Now, which con-man/woman masquerading as a Conservative and/or Religious Leader deserves the trophy for being the best at using Religion as a weapon? My monies on Pat Roberston.

The con-man/woman convention being held in Washington D.C. has its benefits. In one corner, we have saboteurs like Trump vs Pence, Ryan vs McConnell, Kellyanne vs Sarah, and Melania vs Ivanka. The betrayals are endless.

Which brings me to this conclusion, the only discussion we need to have is, ‘Do we nullify Trump’s Presidency and all of his Executive Orders?’ I’m leaning towards “Yes.” 

Pass the popcorn. 😉



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