Serena Williams Is Synonymous With Success

Speaking of success, here’s an idea whose time had come. A $20 Federal minimum wage law. How do we accomplish that goal? Listen, I know our corporate news media apparatus is fascinated by Trump’s mental illness. Rating$ and Profit$, look I ain’t mad at cha! C’mon, Trump believes he’s a King. Well, technically Trump is a King. He’s the Birther King. Hey Trump, you reap what you sow!

Enough of that bullshit, let’s also talk about Universal Healthcare. Hello, what’s in your wallet? Let me start the conversation by reiterating that we’re all worthy of Health insurance. Also, it’s our fucking birthright to have access to quality healthcare. To all those bitches who disagree with me, know this, “A fuck I give.” Oh, and by the way, “You’re a non mutha f*k factor, bitch.” 

Serena Williams offended white supremacists for many reasons, but the two that stand out for me was because she’s dominating women’s professional tennis and became a role model for other children of color. But today she’s already on another journey. All you have to remember about the 2018 US Open is that Serena Williams was victorious in the face of sexism.



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