Gillum Crushed DeSantis So Hard Even Trump’s Flabby Ass Felt It

Trump named DeSantis as one of his “warriors” in Congress. One of DeSantis’ “warrior” moves happened in 2017 when the congressman unsuccessfully pushed for legislation to stop funding the Russia investigation. This bitch, i.e., DeSantis is trying to grow stones at Gillum. Hey DeSantis, didn’t your mother tell you that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

Is anyone surprised at what Bob Woodward wrote about Trump and his administration? C’mon, you know it’s bad when Trump is demanding the identity of Bob Woodward’s anonymous source to the degree that he [Trump] is suddenly concerned about America’s national security. Listen, I get it, Trump’s dirty laundry is so corrupt that even Niké cut and ran from him. Now Levi Strauss CEO is calling for stricter gun laws. Now that’s bad news for Trump and DeSantis.

Here’s all you need to know, Trump, DeSantis, Trump’s/DeSantis’s families, and Trump’s/DeSantis’s supporters are the past, they’re living in the past, and they’re not America’s future. If you’re a corporation and you want longevity, then y’all betta wise up and look towards the future. Gillum is the Future.


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