Gillum Scared The Bejesus Out Of DeSantis

Y’all know that’s why DeSantis relied on his racist intentions to try and scare Gillum. It didn’t work. You know it’s true. Because our corporate news media apparatus couldn’t fathom that a Black Man has superpowers. So what did it do? It gave Bernie Sanders all the credit for Gillum’s recent and awesome achievement, i.e., Democratic Nominee for Florida Governor. I ain’t mad at cha!

Oh, and by the way, Gillum has charisma, the power of persuasion, and Infinite Stamina. Ima just say it, “Gillum is a triple threat, he has Charisma, Persuasion, and the white supremacists/ Republican Party’s worst nightmare, i.e., ‘A Black Man with Superpowers.’ C’mon, this is a sequel. 😉