The Birther King Is Whining?

It’s called KARMA bitch! The Birther King had no qualms trolling the first African-American POTUS, i.e. President Obama over a birth certificate back in 2011. Am I wrong for saying that Tump sent all that racist energy into the Universe? So, knowing that and feeling that, Trump is responsible for everything that’s happening to him today. It’s called KARMA bitch!

Racism is synonymous with impotency. Hey, white supremacists, don’t blame others for your own weaknesses. Trump’s racist intent to troll the first African-American President, had its own benefits. We all know that Trump became the second coming of Jesus for white supremacists. I ain’t mad at cha.

Listen, I get it, some of us believe we’re supreme, royalty, divine, worthy of abundance. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people and I like the Jesus who looks like Andrew Gillum. He’s aligned with charisma, persuasion, and Infinite Winning. He’s a Phenom to the degree that our corporate news media couldn’t fathom that a Black man has superpowers, so it gave Bernie Sanders all the credit for Andrew Gillum’s recent achievement, i.e., winning the Democratic nomination for Governor of Florida.

Here’s the truth, Bernie Sanders had a good message, but zero charisma, zero persuasion, and zero likability. Andrew Gillum is a motivator, he has charisma, persuasion, and he’s aligned with Infinite Winning. I’ll admit, I was a holdout, I didn’t settle for a Bernie Sanders, I wanted more abundance.

Enquiring minds want to know if Andrew Gillum believes in Karma? It’s obvious to me that Andrew Gillum sent charismatic energy out in the Universe and today he’s reaping the benefits. I’m aboard the Gillum Express.

You can go live in a known Hell, i.e. supporting Trump, or you can live in a known Heaven, i.e., supporting another Phenom.  I ain’t mad at cha.


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