Omarosa Has Receipts And A Higher Loyalty

But some Black folks want to debate Omarosa’s strategies. Oh, my bad, I meant some Black folks are angry and want to dismiss Omarosa because of their own insecurities. I ain’t mad at cha, I just see you as ‘Authentic Hoodrats.’

You’re a person not living in the ghetto, but your attitude is straight outta the ghetto, i.e.,  toxic upbringing, self-hatred, and no common sense. Yeah, I see you coming out of the Trump’s supporter closet. You feel sorry for Trump because a Black woman stood up to him and made his racist ass bow down to her.

Trump is responsible for what’s happening to him today. Let me remind you how in 2011, Trump became the Birther King and he put that racist energy out there in our Universe and now seven years later, that energy had manifested into Omarosa’s receipts.

Hey, Omarosa is another great reminder of the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Oh, I get it, those Black folks who feel sympathy for Trump are worried because another Black woman has receipts on them. Oops!

Omarosa is living a life of fulfillment and that’s another reason why some Black folks and racist folks are offended by her. Karma is a bitch.


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