Omarosa Makes Linda Tripp Look Like An Amateur

Seriously, and it feels so good. Linda Tripp was the Republicans hero back in the 1990’s and for one reason. Linda Tripp audiotaped Monica Lewinsky and enjoyed aided and abetted the Republican’s racism towards President Clinton. C’mon, Republicans referred to President Clinton as, ‘The First Black President.’ OK, you get the picture, now fast forward to 2018, Omarosa audiotaped President Trump and his cabal and she’s aided and abetted her bank account, (Capitalism). But Republicans want to discuss the legitimacy of Omorosa’s audiotaping behavior.

Omarosa infiltrated Trump’s treasonous and criminally cabal. She played the perfect Aunt Jemima to the degree that she had me fooled. Omarosa secretly audiotaped her conversations with Trump and his cabal. Trust me, Omarosa has more documentation, i.e., paper trail. But what’s even more impressive, Omarosa defeated Trump at his own game. Trump messed with the wrong Black Bitch!

I love it, I love it, did I mention that I love it. Omarosa was the perfect ‘Trojan Horse.’ Omarosa kicked Trump fat ass so hard, his dead parents felt some pain. Ouch!

Omarosa is Linda Tripp on steroids. She [Omarosa] wrote the playbook on, ‘How To Get Away With Betrayal.’ She betrayed Trump by stroking his big fat ego and she made it look like Child’s Play. Omarosa Biblically Defeated Goliath. KARMA is a bitch!


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