Devin Nunes Is Synonymous With Sexually Deviant Behavior.

We know Trump never saw a porn actress he didn’t pay thousands if not millions (Abortion) dollars in hush money to, so what deviant sexual behavior is Ted Cruz hiding? Oh, my bad, Ted Cruz is begging Trump to come to Texas and campaign on his behalf. This is, of course, the same Ted Cruz who threw his own wife under the bus.


Now, if that wasn’t enough drama, Devin Nunes is the star of a leaked recording, suggesting GOP must keep House to protect Trump from Mueller. Enquiring minds want to know, “How much blackmail evidence does Russia have on Devin Nunes?” We know why Trump is so submissive to Putin, suffice it to say, what horrid and sexually deviant behavior is Devin Nunes protecting?

My monies on that Devin Nunes never saw a male porn actor he didn’t pay hush money to. What say you?



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