Eric Benet Is An Agent Of White Supremacy — August 6, 2018

Eric Benet Is An Agent Of White Supremacy

Eric Benét recently had his coming out of the closet moment. Just like Dax Prescott, another agent of white supremacy, I ain’t mad at Eric. Being an agent of white supremacy has its benefits for the rest of us. Especially in this social media environment. C’mon, could it get any better, I mean what’s funnier, when an Uncle Ruckus or when an Aunt Jemima come bursting out of the white supremacist’s closet?

Somebody, please send Eric Benét a MAGA cap. Oh, my bad, Kanye West already did.

We all know what kind of kneeling Eric, Dax, and Kanye approve of, right Jerry Jones ;-):


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