White Supremacists Terminated The White Majority In America

If I were of European descent, I’d be so embarrassed by White Supremacist Trump and the White Supremacists masquerading as Congressional Republicans. Their racist behavior would make me fantasize about becoming an African-American. Well, it’s obvious that White Supremacists are jealous/envious of African-Americans.

C’mon, African-Americans have a sense of pride. We stand tall, we helped build America and we still are committed to a Democracy. We have the capacity to embrace our differences and be kind to everyone. President Obama was and still is aligned with Infinite Patience.  We’re worthy of witnessing greatness, but he wasn’t the first great African-American leader. There were others before him and there’ll be others after him.

Can’t say that about the current White Supremacist occupying the W.H. And the current White Supremacists masquerading as Congressional Republicans/Democrats. The good news is that this too shall past.

The white majority in America had a great fall and the White Supremacist in the W.H. and all the White Supremacists masquerading as Congressional Republicans/Democrats couldn’t put the white majority back together again.