Trump Loves Pleasuring Putin More Than He Loves Grabbing P****

Trump went all the way to Russia to jerk off in front of Putin. Trump’s supporters must be so proud. Cum to think of it, there’s a good reason why Trump’s supporters are foaming at the mouth.

Trump has a small brain, small hands, and a pinky finger just like his supporters. Why do you think Trump pays porn actresses to have unprotected sex with him? Duh, he pays them not to laugh at his pinky finger.

Trump like most tiny men, i.e. congressional Republicans, FOXNEWS Hosts, NFL owners, Roger Goodell, the 1% and Trump’s supporters hates Black, Hispanic, and Muslim men because size does matter.

Wanna bet Trump will have a rally soon to boost his deflated ego? Yeah, because men like Trump are synonymous with:



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