Anyone Who Touched Melania’s Hands Should Be Quarantined

Because we all know that Trump exposed Melania to infectious and/or contagious diseases. C’mon, Trump bragged about grabbing other women’s vajayjays and he had unprotected sex with hundreds of women and from the looks of it, Paul Ryan, Bitch McConnell, all the congressional Republicans, and the NFL owners all suck because they took a knee to Trump a long time ago.

C’mon, Trump had Russian prostitutes peeing on him. Have you seen Trump’s racist base? You know they’re descendants from Hell, so you know they’re contagious as Hell. They’re foaming at the mouth. You can’t tell me the Trey Gowdy ain’t addicted to Hillbilly Heroin. No telling how many times he’d beat Ted Cruz to get to Trump’s bedroom for some one on one time.

How befitting that the 1%  put their trust in a man so contagious that it’s just a matter of time before the 1% start dropping like flies because Trump contaminated their brains with maggots.

FOXNEWS finally achieved its ultimate goal of changing the White House into a brothel. Congratulations.