Thanks To Baby Trump The White Majority In America Is Dead

Melania is so traumatized by baby Trump’s abuse that she found comfort in Kanye West arms. She is truly a ‘Gold Digger.’

Baby Trump offered white superiority to his victims, i.e., racists that made them easily abandon rational thought for the promise of a fantasy. All I can say to baby Trump is, “Hell hath no fury like a confederate flag waving, gun toting, and Hillbilly Heroin addicted Trump supporter.” 

Congressional Republicans took a knee to baby Trump a long time ago to the degree that they can talk with their mouth half full.

What you won’t hear on FOXNEWS is that Trump shits on his racist base every time he opens his mouth.

Enquiring minds want to know why grown men like fantasizing that baby Trump is the Messiah? Oh, my bad, it’s a kinky relationship!



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