The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

So why are we surprised at Trump’s SCOTUS nominee? The worst thing that happened politically was a Trump Presidency. Seriously I’m over Trump and all of his Narcissistic and Sociopath behavior. Truthfully, Trump is boring, repetitive, dull, predictable, and my favorite, a snooze fest. Yawnnnnnnnnnnn!

Decide Trump doesn’t matter, be thankful that Trump destroyed the white majority in America, and that his SCOTUS nominee is just more proof. C’mon, Trump and his cabal are partying like it’s 1899. I know, that’s crazy! 😉

We need to move pass Trump and start looking forward to our future with a Democratic majority in America. Y’all know what that means, standing up to those sniveling bitch-ass cowards, i.e., congressional Republicans and their base, i.e. confederate flag waving, gun toting, and Hillbilly Heroin addicted Trump supporters and their Neanderthal behavior. Hey, Trump supporters, go back to Hell where you came from.

When you remove Trump’s mask…




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