The Kidnapper-N-Chief And The Kidnapper-N-Chief First Lady

Bad and boujee, underhanded and ruthless. They are so cocky, him with his addiction to penis enlargement pills, her with her addiction to anything that gets her through the day. Hey, betta them than me.

I’m starting to think that, ‘Pizzagate’ was a blueprint for Trump. Just sayin!

Who would have thunk it that the GOPers condoned kidnapping and torturing children as a diversion so they [GOPers] could bulldoze our Government to pay for the tax cuts for the wealthiest among us? What more proof do you need that the only agenda the Republican Party has is helping a few Billionaires accumulate more wealth.

Imagine waking up this morning knowing that you’re complicit in the kidnapping and torturing of children? That’s exactly what Trump’s supporters are waking up to. So, expect them to be very angry and taking their frustrations out on Liberals.


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