Trump’s Betrayals Knows No Boundaries

Back in the day, Hispanic leaders were on the fence when it came to Democrats. For them, they still had a choice between Republicans and Democrats. That was until Trump called them all murderers and rapists. Then Trump added salt to their wounds by separating their kids from their parents. If you’re a Hispanic-American and you still support Trump, all I can say is, ” Good Luck With That!” 

Now imagine if you will, Trump had betrayed and is betraying a long list of people. I can only speak for myself, but irreparably harming kids by separating them from their parents, is more proof that Trump had no qualms about paying his mistresses to get an abortion. More importantly, it exposed the Pro-Life Activists as con men/women.

If you’re still a Trump supporter, all I can say is “Better you than me – to everyday invite Betrayal over for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.” 


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