We Need To Build A Wall Around Hell

To stop Trump’s supporters from entering the United States. Hello, are ya feeling me? We do have an immigration problem. Racists calling themselves Trump’s supporter are migrating from Hell to our country. They’re easily recognizable because they’re all carrying a confederate flag with one hand, an assault gun in the other hand, and/or a cell phone to call the police on Black people. They work in corporate America, i.e. FOXNEWS, Breitbart, National Enquirer, Starbucks, Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc…

Inbreeding is common among Trump’s supporters, just ask Sarah Sanders and Ivanka Trump. Oh, and the best part, fake religious leaders hitched their horse onto Trump’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ wagon. Just ask Franklin Graham.

The only question I have is “Who should pay for this wall?” 


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