Trump Is Standing On Thin Ice

Trump’s supporters are standing on thin ice. The ice is cracking as I write, so the question I have, “Will you save Trump and his supporters after the ice cracks and they’re sinking?” 

If you don’t save Trump and his supporters, who will? Oh, my bad, the 1% will save Trump and his supporters. Nevermind!

What will our corporate news media apparatus do knowing that Trump is irrelevant? Ya know Trump is beside the point, immaterial, not pertinent, not germane, and my favorite ‘Trump is Boring.’

I know some of us gave Trump our power, well, you need to get it back! Trump is boring, his Narcissistic behavior is dull, tedious, repetitive, and unimaginative. Seriously, Trump does the same thing every day, i.e., lying at all times. Snoozefest 2018!

Listen, I feel you, it’s challenging for me to stay positive knowing that Trump is the POTUS. This is just one of the many strategies I have in my arsenal for feeling positive, “Every moment is a moment to be thankful!” 


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