The Bible Tells Them So

This is their time. Evangelical Christians had waited a long time for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Their faith had been restored. It was destiny and it was worth the wait.

This is their time. Evangelical Christians sold their souls to a con man. But this ain’t their first rodeo when it comes to selling their souls to a con man. Trust me, it won’t be their last time. I know, I’d been suggestion loudly that Evangelical Christians took their blinders off. Sadly, it ain’t true. Evangelical Christians believe Trump is their savior and anything we say or write negatively about Trump, we just reaffirmed Evangelical Christians faith that Trump is their savior.

So, here’s the deal, be happy for Evangelical Christians, Trump is just standing in a long line of con men, who do what they do, and the rest of us should just mind our own business. My business is manifesting a $20 Federal minimum wage for 2018. I know, that’s a lofty goal, especially with a con man at the helm, but hey, we knew Trump was coming, why are we acting like Trump was a surprise?

What business are you investing in?