Did Dinesh D’Souza Sign An NDA?

But the question I have is, ‘Will Trump pardon his unborn children?’ Y’all know, Trump had unprotected sex with hundreds of other women, some became pregnant and Trump paid for them to have an abortion.

Enquiring minds want to know, Did Dinesh sign an NDA? How much hush money did Dinesh receive? Where’s Melania?

Oh, my bad, Evangelical Christians, (cough, cough) Pro-Life advocates put their faith in Trump who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If that wasn’t an Aesop Fable waiting to be written…

A fable about how con men have no qualms betraying anyone. To the degree that they’d betray Evangelical Christians.

The moral of this story is ‘Hell hath no fury like an Evangelical Christian scorned.



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