Thanks to code name: ‘Marcus Brutus’ all the wires are still in place at the W.H. Oh, my bad, you don’t know, the W.H. was wired during the 2017 Presidential inauguration. Marcus Brutus was extra busy on that day. OK, in real time, Trump and his cabal are kowtowing to Marcus Brutus in order to conceal those audio tapes of them bragging about their criminal activities and hysterically laughing while berating Trump’s supporters.

Marcus Brutus was once very close to Trump, however, Brutus came to oppose Trump and he betrayed Trump. Brutus became the leading spy for the 1%.

I’d heard one tape and trust me, it’s bad. Trump can be heard calling Michael Cohen a ‘Stupid moron.’ Then it went downhill from there. Ima be honest, I’m thankful that I didn’t support Trump and trust me after Trump’s brutal betrayal of his own supporters is revealed, he’ll [Trump] will sleep with one eye opened. Because ‘Hell hath no fury like a gun-toting, Hillbilly Heroin addicted, and Confederate Flag waving Trump supporter scorned.’ 

Say what you want about Disney, but Disney kicked Roseanne’s racist ass to the curb. Ouch!


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