Trump’s Wealthy Supporters Are Addicted To Mediocrity

Mediocrity is the new White Privilege. Trust me, Trump is mediocrity. He’s boring because he does the same thing over and over again. Have unprotected sex with porn actresses. Boring! But, that’s the epitome of White Privilege.

Hello, Trump’s wealthy supporters will need a lot of emotional help after Trump is impeached or Trump resigns from the Presidency. Their mediocrity world will be exposed. They’ll come to the realization that they have no courage. Trump’s wealthy supporters will be agast knowing they’d willingly kneeled in front of Trump’s groin for decades, instead of standing up to Trump and holding him accountable for his behavior.

All is not lost, TSCC short for Trump’s Supporter’s Crisis Centers. A place where Trump’s wealthy supporters can heal and grow a pair of cojones. Hey Liberals, don’t listen to Trump’s supporters talking nonsense about guns, instead, take out your credit cards and make an investment to TSCC. A For-Profit Corporation dedicated to healing Trump’s wealthy supporters. This is a long-term investment. C’mon, there are far more closeted Trump supporters than you think and they’re wealthy. That’s where the profits will flow. They are wealthy and deserving of a resort place to heal their pain of humiliation for supporting Trump. Trust me, each center will have a long waiting list. Think of TSCC as a detox center, cleansing wealthy folks from the stank of Trump.



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