Trump’s Supporters Lost Their White Privilege On Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Historians will record the events leading up to Trump’s impeachment or resignation. How Trump’s supporters took their frustrations out on the people around them (calling the police) because they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that when it came to Michael Avenatti, Trump’s tough guy disappeared and his bitch comes out. That’s why Trump’s supporter’s public tantrums are increasing. First off, Trump’s spell over them had faded and second, Trump’s supporters see what the rest of us already knew about Trump. Trump is a sniveling bitch-ass coward.

Men like Trump are a dime a dozen in the Republican Party. They avoided serving their country and made their cowardly behavior a badge of honor while desecrating those with courage who served our country. Big deal, just proves that white privilege is on steroids and the intervention is ‘Trump’s Supporter’s Crisis Centers.’ TSCC for short. TSCC will provide Trump’s supporters a place to heal from their addiction to White Privilege on steroids.  A loving and caring staff of ex-Republicans will mentor Trump’s supporters with an abundance consciousness. Get in on this groundbreaking investment before it’s too late. Because after Trump is impeached or after Trump resigns, TSCC will be opening its doors to Trump’s supporters.

Amenities include:

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools.


Meditating rooms

Health Food cafeteria

Round the clock security

FOXNEWS Deprogramming Clinic

Hello Diamond and Silk, may I send you a pamphlet of my very own TSCC? Shout out to Kanye, can I also send you a pamphlet?



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