Kanye West Is The Black Norman Bates


Listen, one of the first prerequisites of scamming millions of Americans is scaring the bejesus out of them. Kanye scares the bejesus out of me. Damn, who would have thunk it that Kanye could scare more Black Folks in one day, then all of Trump’s delusional rants on FOXNEWS and Twitter. Hearing or seeing Trump’s delusional rants ain’t no surprise, it just more of the same delusional rants Trump had been saying for decades, but Kanye decided to fuck over his own wife’s marketing ploy, i.e., naked pix, thus letting us know that all is not well in the West’s household.

Seriously, have you ever seen a picture of Diamond and Kanye together? I’m beginning to think that Kanye is impersonating Diamond impersonating Aunt Jemima. So, who’s Silk?

If Hollywood did a Black remake of “Psycho” Kanye would be my pick to play ‘Norman Bates.’


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