Trump Screamed At His T.V. At A Photo Of Tristan Thompson, “You’re A Fucking Choir Boy Compared To Me.”

Now I see. Trump is so cocky baby and that spells MONEY. Last night, our corporate news media fell in love with cocky Trump again. Will this umpteenth attempt at romance between our corporate news media and Trump last? Time will tell.

War is an aphrodisiac for lifeless men. Why do you think more women are running for political office? We see no life in men like Trump and his cabal. Trump has 99 problems but being the most corrupt POTUS ain’t one.

So, and here’s the best part, since our corporate news media is off on another honeymoon with Trump, the rest of us will be so cocky baby.

Enquiring minds want to know, “How many Mr. Broidy’s Playmates is out there?” You know, the 1.6 million dollar hush money payouts, ‘Playmates.’ Listen up Pro-Life people, in Trump’s world, the amount of hush money increases to $1.6 million for the Playmate having unprotective sex with  ‘Conservative’ men like Trump’s donor, Mr. Broidy, and if she gets pregnant and has an abortion. So let me get this straight Pro-Life moment, “Ya OK with that?”