Trump Ain’t Mad At American Media Inc.

Do you know why? Because Karen McDougal filed a lawsuit targeting American Media Inc., the company that owns the National Enquirer, which allegedly paid her $150,000 not to speak about her affair with Trump.

The National Enquirer, a backer of Donald Trump, agreed to pay $150,000 to a former Playboy centerfold model for her story of an illicit affair with the married Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee, but then didn’t publish it.

Quashing stories that way is known in the tabloid world as “catch and kill.”

Yet, Trump believes he can fu*k with Jeffrey P. Bezos because Jeffrey owns the Washington Post. A newspaper, unlike the sleazy tabloid National Enquirer, that is not in bed with Trump.

Enquiring minds want to know did David Pecker the longtime chief executive of American Media, Inc. have Trump sign an NDA? Maybe Russian hackers have pictures of Trump in bed with David Pecker.

Did David Pecker grab Trump by his p****?


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