Stormy Daniels The $100 Million Dollar Woman

That’s how much Trump will pay Stormy Daniels in hush money. Hey, you can’t blame Trump, he doesn’t want the world to know that he has no cojones. OK, know this, Stormy Daniels outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Impotence is a very common condition among racists. Suffice it to say, it’s one of the main reasons for their disturbing behavior towards women. Men like Trump have to pay porn actresses to fake orgasms. Melania is a master at faking. Just ask Pat Robertson.

Trump’s ego is so fragile to the degree that he believes if he attacks Comey, Mueller, and McCabe that the Stormy Daniels story will go away. However, and in reality, Trump’s attacks on Comey, Mueller, and McCabe remind us that they [Comey, Mueller, and McCabe] have BIG cojones and that Stormy grabbed Trump by the p***y.

Let me put it this way, Stormy would pay Comey, Mueller, and McCabe to have sex with her because she wouldn’t have to fake her orgasms.


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