Gretchen Defeated Ailes, Stormy Defeated Trump

Both women worked in the sex industry, both women outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered men who have no cojones. Trump’s attacks on Comey, Mueller, and McCabe are a diversion. Stormy has undisputed evidence that Trump has an abnormal sexual fixation towards his own daughter. That won’t be enough to scare off Trump’s racists’ supporters, but it’s enough to scare off millions of suburban housewives and their husbands. Leaving the Republican Party with the smallest base of supporters since the conception of our Government. Now, do you know why Republicans have to cheat, steal elections? Republicans can’t win…Trump is living proof.

If Trump is synonymous with White Supremacy,  then I’m LMAO. Because men like Trump have to pay porn actresses to have unprotective sex with. Trump was easily fooled by Stormy. She faked her orgasms with Trump. Trump is Don Juan in his mind, but in reality, Stormy told others that having sex with Trump was tedious.

Stormy deserves no less than 100 million dollars from Trump. C’mon, she had to sacrifice a lot by seeing Trump’s naked body. They don’t call Stormy a porn actress for nothing. Stormy impersonated Ivanka impersonating Stormy. A game Trump loved.


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