Trump’s Biggest Con Is Denying His Corruption While Attributing It To Others.

Men like Trump have to pay porn actresses and porn actors to have sex with them because porn actresses/actors are best at faking orgasms. They don’t call them porn actresses/actors for nothing. However, and I’m smiling while typing this, Stormy Daniels outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump. Trump’s only recourse is to attacked Comey, Mueller, and McCabe. It’s called, ‘Divert Attention.’ 

Stormy has undisputed evidence that Trump and men like Trump have no cojones. It’s Trump’s dirty little secret that he’s more afraid of then all of his corruptness. C’mon, most of us know that Trump is addicted to penis enlargement pills. Men like Trump are a dime a dozen in the Republican Party.


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