Kim Jong Un Is A Lover

He swooped down on Trump and the rest is lover’s history. Trump was smitten by Kim Jong-un and Mike Pence got jealous. Stay tuned to see if Mike Pence seeks revenge on Kim Jong-un.

At the Player’s Ball, PIMP Daddies Wayne LaPierre was escorted by Sarah Huckabee. Jeff Sessions was escorted by David Duke. Mike Pence was escorted by ‘Rent Boy.’ Paul Ryan was escorted by Madam Kellyanne Conway. Bitch McConnell was escorted by SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas. Trump was escorted by Stormy Daniels as part of their new hush money agreement.

You should’ve seen all those shitholes drenched in Russia prostitutes’ pee. They loved their Golden Shower and watching Evangelical Christian women dancing on stripper poles. Yeah, say what you want about Conservatism, but they’re partying like its 1899.

I just wanna say this, ‘Madam President Hillary Clinton should receive four full years of her first Presidency after Trump’s illegitimate Presidency is nulled and voided.

Oh, and by the way, what will do be doing after Trump’s illegitimate Presidency is nulled and voided? I’ll be dancing in the streets, come join me.


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