White Kids Don’t Matter

Yeah, you heard me. White kids don’t matter to Trump, the GOP, the NRA, and Fake Religious Leaders. Just proves that the only thing that matters to them is MONEY.

C’mon Americans, don’t you get it? Trump and his cabal are con men. They’re always looking for their next victim to scam or swindled. They lack empathy and trust me the NRA is synonymous with ‘Coldness.’ Wayne LaPierre is a ‘Cold Blooded Animal.’

Coldness is just one of the symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder. Suffice it to say, Narcissism is the new White Power. Trust me, this too has come to pass.

Hey FOXNEWS’ hosts, don’t blame Liberals for when Trump’s Presidency is nulled and voided.  Trump has no cojones, his supporters have no cojones, and no amount of money will buy Trump nor his supporters a pair of cojones.

Stormy Daniels outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump. She’s laughing all the way to the bank. She knows what the rest of the world knows that Trump is a laughingstock.

Paul Lizard Ryan… Bitch Snake McConnell… Jeff Crocodile Sessions… Ben Frog Carson… John Spider Kelly… Rex Scorpion Tillerson… Sarah Dragonfly Huckabee… Donald Fish Trump… The Fish Always Rots From The Head Down

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