How Fitting That A Porn Actress Defeated Trump

Karma is a bitch. Stormy Daniels defeated Trump, cause the bible tells me so. Stormy vindicated what we already knew about Trump. Trump is a Pathological Liar to the degree that if taunted by a Reporter, Trump would easily lie about not having a sexual affair with Stormy Daniels. After that, the Reporter could retire with all the millions he/she will earn. But more importantly, Stormy’s evidence will be released proving how big of a liar Trump really is. Stormy deserves $100 million from Trump. Then the next woman with an NDA from Trump should receive $100 million from Trump. Every woman with an NDA from Trump should receive $100 million from Trump until Trump is financially ruined.

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti is a gift from Heaven. Am I right? Once again Stormy Daniels proved how she outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump.

As if that wasn’t enough, Trump and the NRA were on the receiving end of a biblical and worldwide ass whooping. #March4OurLives defeated the NRA. Our 21st Century, David defeated Goliath moment. Mark your calendars, make sure you celebrate our David defeated Goliath moment on March, 24th every year. It should become a national holiday. C’mon,¬†embrace your feelings of greatness and your alignment with #March4OurLives. We’ve done good!