Trump Lacks Moral Character

Trump is the epitome of follow the sex and the laundered money. Just ask his two ex-wives and current wife if you don’t believe me. Trump’s supporters turned a blind eye to Trump’s corruption only to find out that Trump turned a blind eye to their well being. That’s right, Trump doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. Trump and the GOP turned a blind eye to you and your kids being hunted by crazed gun-fanatics at school and everywhere else.

The NRA members make turning a blind eye to mass shootings look saintly. This notion that arming the school’s faculty with weapons will end mass shootings in our American schools is straight outta the NRA’s PIMPOLOGY Playbook.

Every day one can see the NRA PIMPs parading their hoes, i.e. elected politicians in Washington. D.C.  and across our country. The best part, Trump is the Grand Marshall.


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