Trump Fatigue Is Palpable

Trump is nearly balded from fatigue. His dirty little secret of ‘Fake’ sex with hundreds of porn actresses, because he has no cojones, is costing him millions of dollars. Which begets laundering money. Why do you think Trump pays hush money to hundreds of porn actresses? Trust me, Stormy Daniels is laughing all the way to the bank. The truth is that men like Trump are synonymous with weaklings masquerading as tough guys. Trump’s fatigue is palpable. His cabal’s fatigue is palpable, and his supporter’s fatigue is palpable.  In biblical terms, Trump’s, his cabal’s, and his supporters don’t have what it take to grow one pair of cojones between all of them. Trump looks foolish, talks foolishly, and he’s synonymous with Weakling.

Honoring a Weakling has its benefits. We know by now that Mueller followed the sex and the money when it came to investigating Trump. C’mon, even the most diehard Trump supporter knows that Trump left a toxic trail of deviant sex and laundering money in his wake.

Listen, Trump’s supporters are angry because they preferred living in a known Hell. It’s called misplaced anger. Trump supporters are really angry with Trump, but they’d never admit to that. Hello Trump supporters, Trump bamboozled your ass, don’t take your anger out on the rest of us. Grow some cojones!


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