What’s Wrong With Melania?

Trump is all over the map having unprotected sex with hundreds of porn actresses and Playboy ‘models.’ After Trump swapped spit and other bodily fluids with other women, he’d go to Melania’s bed and use her vajayjay as a dumping ground for all his infidelities.

So, knowing how disrespectful Trump is towards his own wife, I think it’s safe to say, Trump doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. Why would anyone plead to Trump to help stop gun violence? Trump and the GOP are Wayne LaPierre’s hoes. Their only agenda is helping gun manufacturers accumulate more wealth.

Here’s the real truth, Republican voters keep turning a blind eye to Trump’s and the GOP’s corruption. Well, Trump and the GOP will keep turning a blind eye to your children being shot at school. Hey Republican voters, you reap what you sow.


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