Republican Voters Turned A Blind Eye To Another Mass Shootings

Undesirable news about Trump is ignored by Republican voters. Seriously, but you can’t blame Republican voters, because they had plenty of practice. FOXNEWS perfected turning a blind eye into the new normal. For over twenty years FOXNEWS attacked and accused President Clinton of perpetrating deviant sexual behavior. while simultaneously FOXNEWS was operating a brothel. Roger Ailes and his cabal were sexual predators and used their positions to coerce some of FOXNEWS female employees into prostitution. Most impressively, when their dirty little secret was exposed, Republican voters turned a blind eye to FOXNEWS. Did anyone believe Republican voters would not turn a blind eye to Mass Shootings?

Elected Republicans turned a blind eye to Trump’s corruption back in 2011, when Trump was famous for being the ‘Birther King.’ Did anyone believe that elected Republicans would not turn a blind eye to Trump’s corrupt Presidency?

Follow the sex and the money.


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