Men Like Trump Hire Porn Actresses To Lie To Them

Why? Because men like Trump have no cojones. Porn actresses fake their orgasms with men like Trump. Men like Trump can be easily duped into believing they’re Don Juans, and the rest is hush money.

Men like Trump are synonymous with Gerrymandering. Because they have no cojones.

If men like Trump are gods, then having no cojones is next to godliness? Oh, my bad, men like Trump are a laughingstock. C’mon, Stormy Daniels outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump. When Stormy calls Trump demanding more hush money, Trump falls to his knees and his bitch comes out.

Men like Trump envy women because the Trumps in this world have no cojones.

Men like Trump are lied to every day by paid porn actresses, suffice it to say, men like Trump have no qualms lying to you. The Lying Game. Good luck with that!