Stormy Daniels Made Trump Kowtow To Her

That’s right, Trump kowtowed to Stormy Daniels via millions of dollars in hush money. C’mon, how clever was it for Stormy to videotape Trump’s shortcomings. Trump’s is a loser in bed and women like Stormy are always on the lookout for men like Trump to scam and/or swindle. Believe me when I say Trump believes he’s Don Juan, but in reality, Trump has no cojones, you get the picture?

Men like Trump are a dime a dozen. They equate wealth with stamina. They have to because porn actresses like Stormy know the truth. They know that men like Trump who talk a lot of shit in front of a microphone and camera, in reality, can easily be outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered. They don’t call Stormy Daniels an actress for nothing.

When Stormy calls Trump and says, “Bitch where’s my money?” Trump’s knees start wobbling and he cries, Hey Stormy, baby I got your money, don’t ya worry, I said yes, I got your money.” 

So MAGA is linguistic code for, ‘Men Ain’t Got Abundance.’












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