Stormy Daniels Has A Successful Small Business Duping Men Like Trump

Although Stormy earns millions having unprotected sex on video, but she also has a side gig. Stormy had unprotected sex with men like Trump, then makes them kowtow to her via hush money. I heart Stormy.

Think about it folks? Stormy outplayed, outsmarted, and outmaneuvered Trump. A porn actress made Trump kowtow to her on more than one occasion. Trump pays millions of dollars to hundreds of porn actresses because he’s as dumb as a bucket of rocks. There you have it folks. Trump doesn’t want you to know he’s Mr. Tiny Limpy.  Trust me, Stormy is laughing all the way to the bank.

#GOPtaxscam is the mother of all betrayal. Trump and the GOP punk’d millions of small businesses. I’m talking about all the small business owners who voted for Trump only to wake up this morning and know they’d been betrayed by Trump and the GOP. They’d joined a long, long line of people.

You owe it to yourself, (the people who voted for Hillary) to feel privilege knowing Hillary Clinton won the 2016 Presidential Election. Hillary’s voters are the epitome of, ‘Infinite Wisdom.’


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