Stormy Bitchslapped Trump

Trump was humiliated when Stormy bitchslapped him across the face. And she did it more than once. Trump is paying Stormy millions of dollars in hush money and trust me, she ain’t the only porn actress on the receiving end of Trump’s generosity. Trump had no choice. He had to pay or suffer the consequences of being exposed as a loser in bed. Trust me, Stormy has videotape of her yawing and rolling her eyes while faking her orgasm with Trump. On one tape, Stormy can be seen looking at her watch and shaking her head laughing.

Now you know why the 1% need tax cuts. Hush money ain’t cheap. Hiring Russian prostitutes ain’t cheap. Buying diamonds to appease their wifey because men like Trump use their wives vajayjay for a dumping ground for their infidelities. Trump has unprotected sex with women like Sarah Huckabee, then they go have sex with their wives. Yuck.

What is more corrupt? Money laundering for a foreign country or spreading STDs with your wife? That’s the only question I have for Trump’s supporters.

Hey Trump, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Just sayin’! Right, Melania?

Trump may release his tax returns to divert attention away from how Stormy bitchslapped his fat ass. You heard it here first. 😉


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