Stormy Outplayed, Outsmarted, And Outmaneuvered Trump

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. A porn actress played Trump like a fiddle. Mr. ‘Tough’ guy is nothing more than a sniveling coward. Trump kowtows to Stormy via hush money. But the best part, there are hundreds of porn actresses in the same boat. All of them are always looking for their next victim to scam or swindle. Men like Trump are a dime a dozen. That equals fun and more money for porn actresses. C’mon, how fun must it be having the POTUS kowtowing to you? One phone call from Stormy and Trump is crying like a baby. “Please, please don’t show your video’s, I’ll give you the one million dollars, just please promise, you won’t show your videos.” 

Stormy Daniels is laughing all the way to the bank with her hush money. Men like Trump are a dime a dozen.

Follow the sex and the hush money.


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